Greenland is HUGE

With no roads connecting communities on the worlds largest island, and a total population less then that of a small American city (about 56,000) Greenland is an adventure travelers paradise.  We had the opportunity to work with Visit Greenland to explore the Arctic Circle Region, and the Capital Region


Just reaching Greenland can be an adventure in itself! The first leg of our route took us from our home base in Fernie B.C to Reykjavík, Iceland.  We highly recommend a day (or 2) to explore Iceland before moving on. From there it’s just a short(ish) flight with AirIceland or Air Greenland to Greenland – You can also fly direct from Denmark.  Once there, boats and airplanes are the only way to get around. When you’ve picked a base to start, human powered forms of travel are the best way to explore the wilderness at your fingertips. 


Did you know Nuuk is the smallest capital city in the world?  Dotted with colorful buildings built above the permafrost and rock, and surrounded by high peaks and an iceberg choked ocean, it’s one of the most scenic, remote, and wild cities anywhere. There’s an array of outdoor activities to choose from making it a great base from which to plan your Greenlandic adventures.


Stretching all the way from Nuuk to the toe of the ice cap, the Nuuk Fjord is often dotted with icebergs butting right up against giant grey cliffs sweeping thousands of feet straight up from the ocean. This makes for an incredibly scenic visit, whether it’s by motorboat or sea kayak. Remote settlements, ancient Viking ruins, mystical icebergs and gorgeous waterfalls all add to the adventure.  The hiking, fishing, kayaking and scenery were like nothing we had ever experienced in our travels.  Arctic Nomad are amazing hosts and are able to provide boat charters, equipment and guides. 


Located just 75 km north of the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun lives here every summer. Despite its remoteness, Sisimiut is full of life. A strong and colorful Greenlandic culture permeates the town, and an abundance of sled dogs adds to the general bustle.  There was no snow during our visit in mid summer, so boats and fatbikes from Sirius Greenland were our favored mode of local transportation.


Kangerlussuaq is a former U.S military base turned international airport and town.  Located in a rare part of Greenland and known for its consistently good weather, it’s the normal point of international entry for most tourists.  The surrounding wild landscape teems with Musk-Ox, Caribou, Hare, and Ptarmigan. Stunning views of the easily accessed nearby Greenand Ice Cap are only a short drive from town. Albatros Arctic Circle provides experienced guides who know the surrounding region and wildlife intimately. 



We couldn’t travel all the way to Greenland and not hike and camp on the ice cap One of the largest chunks of ice on the globe, second only to Antarctica it’s melting fast and we wanted to see it with our own eyes. In addition to camping on the ice, we spent two days hiking around the convoluted ridge lines and uneven ice beside supraglacial lakes and streams of the most unbelievable blue. World Of Greenland is one of a few operators that can get you to the ice! Crampons camping equipment and guides are included!


Kingittorsuaq is a prominent peak visible south east of Nuuk.  While there are many easier hikes in the area, this one is only accessible by boat, and the views from the top are so stunning it makes the extra effort more than worth it. No need to bring water, you’ll find plenty of fresh crystal clear streams on the way!   Touring Greenland can hook you up with boat charters as well as guides to help you on the adventure.   

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